People who live in glasshouses

The present furore in the US regarding the possibility of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination and even becoming the next US President is both entertaining and alarming. Donald Trump provides the entertainment and the alarming part is provided by both the Democrat Party and the GOP establishment elites. The progressive establishment elites in both Parties, and their media lackeys are running around like headless chickens predicting the end of the world as we know it. I sure as hell hope they are right.

While everyone, it would seem, has latched on to the undeniable fact that what is happening is the beginnings of a movement among the American people. Yes! That’s the people as in ” We the people” of the US Constitution, not the progressive establishment elites who arrogantly believe that they can just use what they see as Plebeian society to reinforce their own elitism and perceived right to rule.

Well! I have some news for these champions of progressivism. It is a much quoted but largely ignored truth attributed by most to President Abraham Lincoln. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”  Although some deny Lincoln ever said it, it is irrelevant, because as a profound philosophical and political statement it stands true in its own right, no matter who first said it, and the progressive establishment in the US better take note of it. An extremely large proportion of the American electoral population have decided they won’t be fooled any longer, and they now have leaders to rally around.

There is a popular misconception that the political left has a monopoly on progressivism, that only the left can be progressive. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Republican “Grand old Party ” establishment is positively oozing progressivism. So much so that some of them have even announced there intention to vote for Hillary Clinton if Trump wins the nominee for president. Which only goes to confirm the popularly held belief among we Plebs that “ they are all the same ” a crucial requirement for the progressive Mindset..

As for Donald Trump. Much has been said about Trumps unsuitability for the office of President. Give us all a break, will you! The present incumbent in the White House Barack Hussein Obama has in the past nearly eight years done everything possible to destroy America’s power and influence in the world. His clearly obvious appeasement has both directly and indirectly caused much of the Islamic murder, mayhem and genocide throughout Africa and the Middle East. Yet Trump is unsuitable ? On top of that we have Obama’s intended successor Hillary Clinton who Trump is trying to defeat. She is surrounded by scandal and corruption with an FBI investigation on her pending, and some of the GOP establishment prefer her to Trump ? Then there have been a succession of US Presidents with the unfortunate propensity to molest any women who got too close to them and have lied about it to the American people. In contrast Donald Trump has a lovely wife who he is clearly devoted to, but according to his detractors it’s him who has a problem with women. You couldn’t make it up. Let’s not forget Nixon and Watergate.

If Trump were to become President the very worst that could happen would be to become known as something like the tenth worst President in history. No mean feat for a modern American President. Of course they also say that Trump is not an experienced politician. Well! Give the man the Medal of Honor. It’s experienced politicians who have been making a balls up of everything over the last few decades, and not just in the US either. Donald Trump can be no worse than many of his recent predecessors, that’s for sure, and his sound bite campaign motto ” Make America great again ” has a ring of truth to it, if only the self seeking, crony capitalist, progressive elites in the GOP establishment would give him the chance. People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.

Time will tell.