I always said that one day history would vindicate the late great Enoch Powell and lift his name above the sludge of progressive hatred. Following an article in Breitbart London by Oliver J. J. Lane, reporting that the German establishment newspaper Die Welt has published an article by German historian Michael Stürmer entitled ” Powell’s Early Warning on Mass Migration.” Apparently the article claims that Powell was ahead of his time and wrongly punished for being correct, and amazingly that the article has not, at least yet, released the hounds of progressive race hatred in German society. Perhaps the suicidal insanity of Angela (Mutti) Merkel is getting through to the German people at last.

However, although there were many among the British people who recognised the wisdom of Powell’s word at the time, I doubt if the British establishment elite will be ready yet to acknowledge it. There is still too much at stake for these cowards and betrayers to admit that they were wrong. Reputations are still at risk. You would find it very difficult indeed to find many Conservative MPs, let alone Labour and Liberal Democrat ones, who would be willing to lift their shameful heads above the parapet, because it was they more than anyone who sacrificed Enoch Powell to the craven progressive leftist wolves.

Enoch Powell was an intellectual and political giant among a flock of pygmy sheep, and only when the flock has faded into forgotten irrelevancy will the British establishment realise that they had a genuine great statesman ( a rare thing today), who, if he had been listened to, could have helped prevent the anarchical chaos of todays disastrous migration situation.

marching migrantsTo quote Powell from Oliver Lane’s article “ We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material for the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaging in heaping up it’s own funeral pyre.”

The final cruel irony is that Powell was ridiculed for predicting an annual immigration of 50,000, and as Oliver Lane points out in 2015 alone 617,000 immigrants arrived in Britain and in Germany almost 2 million. If we do survive the insanity that Powell correctly predicted, the sheep will slink off into the undergrowth of history, and Enoch Powell will at last emerge as the true statesman he was.