Firstly, I would like to apologise to our readers because our Blog was down for a couple of weeks, this was due to a massive spamming attack, the result of which has caused us to remove comments from the site. It’s a shame but on the bright side it means that we have rattled a few cages, so we must be doing something right.


So the inevitable has happened. Over 30 people have been murdered and hundreds injured in Brussels, and once again it was not all Muslims who did it. That’s OK then.

brussels airportThe dust at Brussels Airport had hardly settled before we had a Muslim Mullah on television complaining that Muslims had received death threats. What a shame. The irony didn’t seem to occur to the preacher of peace that these threats by some of Belgium’s less appeasing people were just that, nothing more than threats, while his fellow Muslims had carried out their threat to murder innocent people with relish, enthusiasm and deadly certainty.

The terrorists had been living in the district of Molenbeek in Brussels. It has become one of Europe’s ever growing Muslim areas, and it didn’t take the mainstream media long to decide that it was all Belgium’s fault for not integrating Muslim immigrants, and not giving them jobs because the unemployment in Molenbeek is very high. The old worn out argument that if only the Muslim terrorists had had jobs they wouldn’t want to kill anyone. It’s odd, don’t you think? That this link with job creation and blowing people up doesn’t seem to operate with the rest of the worlds unemployed, and there are plenty. It’s an argument which should have been put to rest in 2007 when a failed attempt to blow up Glasgow Airport and various locations in London proved to have been carried out by eight Muslim Doctors, medical technicians and student Doctors all practicing in the National Health Service. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath?

Only this month in Britain two Muslim students have been convicted of threatening to kill British soldiers and police. Suhaile Majeed, a physics graduate, and Torib Hassane a medical student are awaiting sentence. Hassane’s ambition apparently was to become a brain surgeon. Thank God he never achieved it. Oh! By the way he was the son of a Saudi diplomat. How poor and downtrodden can a Muslim get?

The fact is that Molenbeek is just one more mini-Caliphate implanted into European countries in preparation for a new Islamic worldwide empire, and the occupants of these Muslim enclaves have absolutely no intention of integrating with Western society. Even those Muslims ( and there are many ) who do not take part in terrorist activities, and often speak out against it, have no loyalty to Western Kuffar society, and never will.

The relief on the faces of many of the reporters covering the Brussels atrocity when they discovered that the terrorists were not part of the recent migration chaos, but were Muslims who had been living in Belgium for some time, was priceless. This immediately fed into the theme that it didn’t have much to do with real Islam, after all they were Belgian citizens, weren’t they? We all know that a dog born in a stable is a horse, isn’t it?

At the end of the day nothing will change and nothing will be done. After every atrocity committed against Western society by not all Muslims we hear the same old pathetic story. The people of the cities concerned won’t let this defeat them, they will just stoically go on about their business as usual, and that will teach the bad guys a lesson ( The Obama doctrine ). In reality it is just another way of saying ” Just close your eyes, and the big bad Bogeyman will go away.” and of course he will, at least until the next time. As Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly recently said – Nothing will be done about it because it happens every single day somewhere and “people just accept it as the new age we live in “. How many candle lit shrines will it take to wake people up to the threat to their future? Raheem Kassam sums it up nicely in an article in Breitbart London. Read it here. It is entitled “ Enough With the Teddy Bears and Tears : It’s Time to Take our Civilisation Back “.

One of Brussels’s not all Muslims displayed her true colours, both literally and symbolically, at the candle shrine though. She was videoed wearing a hijab while tip-toeing out to the middle of the shrine, removing and tearing up an Israeli flag and replacing it with a Palestinian one. What a loving thought, and all done in the best spirit of the religion of peace. Dozens of people stood and watched her, but no one said a thing. Didn’t want to offend her I expect. Never let a commemoration for the dead, killed by your own people, get in the way of showing your hatred of Jews.

brussels stationSo what happens now ? Well! When the last candle has burned out, when the last balloon has burst, when the last TV camera has disappeared, the last Israeli flag has been torn up, and the victims families have been forgotten to suffer their grief in silent isolation, the candle lighters will prepare for the next invasion of illegal immigrants by making Welcome signs and stocking up on candles.

Never before in human history has an entire Continent nurtured and coveted such a mass collective suicide. They may well find solace in their pious moral rectitude, but their children will one day curse them.