Tommy Robinson of Pegida UK has been attacked and hospitalised while on a night out with his wife and friends at a nightclub called Club 195 in Cottis Lane, Epping. The attack took place on Saturday 13 February.

According to an article in ” International Business Times ” by Paul Wright. ” Helen Gower, his personal assistant told IBTimes UK:  ” Tommy was waiting outside the club while his wife got their coats when he was jumped from behind. Someone hit him on the back of his head with something. He was found unconscious after an unknown person rang an ambulance and left him. The back of his head was split open and he was taken to hospital for an x-ray and CT scan.”

Tommy is now safely home and recovering from his injuries, The attack came only a week after appearing on the John Gaunt Radio Show, when in answer to the question if he thought his life was under threat and someone might try to ” execute you like they executed Lee Rigby.”, he replied ” That’s a matter of time. I know that’s going to happen. They’ve already tried to ; they’ve already planned to. ”

british police go to hell 2Tommy Robinson is in the unenviable position of being on the target list of every Islamic extremist in the UK, the genuine ” Far Right” Jew hating Nazi’s, the Far left Progressives and all their affiliated fringe groups, the UK Government and what I like to call The UK Progressive State Police who go out of their way to incriminate him and do absolutely nothing to protect him, but will enthusiastically protect Muslim protesters with placards saying ” British police go to hell “.

Tommy needs to have much more international recognition and attention in order to put the spot-light on UK Government and Police complicity in his targeting. Needless to say the UK progressive mainstream media are cynically silent about the attack on Tommy Robinson, just like they were silent about over a thousand raped children, and just like they are silent about anything to do with the “Religion of Peace”.