Time to stop talking


your plan to destroy israelRegarding Israel’s present and seemingly infinite problems with Palestinian terrorism, widespread and growing international anti-Semitism, centred upon the Islamic controlled United Nations, and Western, mainly European hostility, it is time for Israel to stop talking, grab the bull by the horns and act.

An excellent article in Tablet Magazine by Liel Leibovitz says it much more eloquently than I can. Much of his article is spent discussing the “Open Hillel Movement” controversy in US Universities and how the question of anti-Semitism is being dealt with ( or not ) by both academics and students in the US. The article can be read in full here and is well worth reading, but it is Liel Leibovitz’s conclusions which I want to concentrate on. So I will restrict myself to quoting the final part of this article before putting my own stamp on it.

“To declare that something is irredeemably evil and something else good is a failure not only of the imagination but also of the moral instinct, which, like every good compass, is only worth a damn if it is able to capture the tiniest shifts in direction. All this is true until, sadly, it is not: there are some moments, rare and arduous, in which our survival depends on our ability to clearly tell black from white.

These moments offer little nuance, a dearth of depth, none of the pleasures a well- trained mind expects when it inspects the folds of a complex situation. These moments don’t call for disquisitions: they demand action, a decisive move that defines us against those who wish us real ill. This is why we oughtn’t indulge supporters of the BDS movement in dialogue but fight them with any means at our disposal.

Such pugilistic language is what our harsh moment calls for. The efforts to vilify Israel everywhere from European parliaments to American academic associations are tantamount to war by other means, a refusal to accept not only the legitimacy of the Jewish State but also of any Jew’s right to support it, making the boundaries of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism too blurry to take seriously anymore. Against such hatred, a civil exchange of ideas is not only futile but reprehensible, as it holds the aggressor and the victim both as having a legitimate and equally valid point of view.

Which is not, of course, to say that all debate is useless: Among those of us who remain committed to the wild idea that Jews should enjoy the same rights as everybody else, many legitimate disagreements can and do bloom, about everything from Israeli policy to American politics and beyond. But as we choose whether or not to engage in discussion, we should remember that unhurried, mutually respectful conversation is a luxury, possibly only on those uncommon occasions when two adults who share some grand if ephemeral vision of the future are ready to work out their differences and renew their commitments. On all other occasions, it’s time to stop talking and let common sense, vigilance, and pride fulfil their sacred duties.”

fabius and abbasEver since David slew Goliath in the valley of Elah in Judah, Israel has known the futility of negotiating with an enemy who has no intention of reciprocating, and the great advantage that can be gained by confronting a bully face on. As I write this, news has just come in about the outrageous so called initiative by France to organise a peace conference on the Palestine Israel conflict, with the open threat that if the talks fail, France will recognise the Palestinian State. Anyone with two brain cells knows that the talks will fail regardless of Frances threat, but France is knowingly guaranteeing failure by rubber-stamping the Palestinian refusal to countenance a two State solution. France knows this, the Palestinians certainly know it, Israel knows it, the whole damned world knows it. This cynical move by France is nothing more than a deliberate ploy to make Israel capitulate to Palestinian terrorism, and to quite literally sign its own death warrant. The world is more than prepared to sacrifice Israel to their own progressive  political and ideological interests.

It goes without saying that Prime Minister Netanyahu has angrily rejected any such ridiculous idea out of hand, but displaying anger and verbal defiance is no longer enough. Israel has to inject a sense of finality into its dealings with both the Palestinians and the West. Israel has to stop playing the one- sided, perpetual and futile game which continually absorbs most of its political, intellectual and social energies. Like the young David, Israel has to face down the bully-boys once and for all.

Although Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s ambassador to the UN have both rejected France’s proposals by stating that negotiations can only take place ” Without preconditions ” and from the Ambassador ” You don’t negotiate with a gun to your head “, these statements from Israel’s leaders are none the less a continuation of the 67 year old attempt to delegitimise and destroy the State of Israel by the Palestinians. How long does Israel want to continue this one-sided Game of Thrones? After all Israel has consistently and wearisomely participated in all previous negotiations knowing full well that every one has been conducted with Palestinian ” preconditions ” and with ” A gun to Israel’s head “. So nothing new in that. There has to come a time when Israel flat refuses to play the futile game and announces with firm finality that they have better things to do, only then will the Western bully-boys sit up and take notice that Israel will never capitulate. Israel needs to close the door and lock it.

obama palestineThe “Bully-boys” I refer to are not the Palestinians or the Arab Muslim world in general, because these people have already shown their inability to bully Israel. Their weakness is their whining victimhood and pathetic self-pity. No! The real Bully-boys are the Western progressive establishment elite. If Israel only had to deal with their Arab neighbours they could, and would have just told them to go away long ago, but Israel’s understandable desire to be one of the club, to not be isolated and alone in the world, drives her to play the game with western progressive interests who do not share Israel’s values and aims. None of this sadly alters anything because Israel is already isolated and alone, reinforced by the so called United Nations, a body dominated by Israel’s enemies.

If the progressive Democrats in the US wins the up-coming election, Israel can say goodbye to her last true friend in the West. Everyone knows ( A generalisation, but a fully justified one ) that the Palestinians are never ever going to come to a peaceful compromise  with Israel within our lifetime. So there are many progressives in the West who cynically and stupidly think – let’s just give the Palestinians what they want and they and their Arab friends will just crawl back into their shells again and peace will prevail. The fact that a little over 8 million Israeli’s will be either exterminated or made Stateless ( a denial of article 15 of the UN Charter of Human Rights ) is of little consequence to these people since they hate Jews anyway. If anyone thinks that this is a massive exaggeration just listen to the rhetoric coming out of Europe and elsewhere.

So how can Israel even countenance participating in their own demise? It is time to say ” enough already”, withdraw from the UN and stop paying for your own eventual extermination. It is no longer enough to openly voice your sincerity in pursuing peace, they know you are sincere but they don’t give a damn. It is time to convince them by your actions and your refusal to play the stupid futile game. It’s a shitty situation to be in, but it is unfortunately the one you’ve got.

If the Israeli people want to continue with the two thousand year right to pray at the Western wall in Jerusalem, they must stop talking to the brick wall of Western progressives and Palestinian hatred.

Long live Israel.