The Funny Side of Islam

cuttingof heads unWho says that extremist Islam doesn’t have a sense of humour? Any such notion will be instantly dispelled if you take the trouble to go into the Website of the sidesplittingly named ” Islamic Human Rights Commission ” ( IHRC ). I kid you not. Every Islamic nation on Earth is in breach of every single one of the UN Human Rights articles, but they have a Human Rights Commission. If that isn’t funny enough, at the top of their Home page they say ” Join the Struggle for Justice “. The very idea that the IHRC has even the most basic understanding of the concepts “Human Rights” and “Justice” is just too funny for words.

There is no end to the IHRC’s hilarity. It has just announced its annual ” Islamophobia Awards 2016 “. There are four categories, UK , International, Media, and Movie / Book / TV Series. Most of the names provided by the IHRC to be nominated are totally predictable. Breitbart for example is in the Media category, and although not really Islamophobic the Editor in Chief of Breitbart London, Rakeem Kassam ( one of last years winners ) has nevertheless graciously entered into the spirit of the slapstick comedy by stating “ It is, once again, a great honour to be in this list of esteemed individuals who fight against radical Islam. Frankly, I would be disappointed if we didn’t win.”

I have to say that just like Rakeem, I am extremely disappointed that Evelyn’s Blog has not been named on the list. We have done everything we possibly could have done to qualify. Ah well! Maybe next year.

I have to hand it to the IHRC, they are really good at farcical irony, since most of the people and organisations named do not qualify for ” irrational fear ” of Islam. After all people like Rakeem Kassam, Donald Trump, Charlie Hebdo, Marine le Pen, Geert Wilders and many others, neither fear Islam or give a pigs shit about the religion of peace. Come to think about it, that disqualifies me too. On the other hand David Cameron, Theresa May, CNN, and The Metropolitan Police have correctly been identified as being Islamophobes, since they all live in a state of irrational fear of Islam as evidenced by their appeasing Dhimmitudinal ( it is a word ) arse-licking with the mantra “” Religion of Peace”. So really, Cameron, May , CNN and The Met, should be the front runners to win, but I’m betting on Donald Trump getting the accolade anyway since he is always the front runner, and is apparently good at making deals.

This whole phobia business is a laugh a minute, a real hoot, so much so that I would like to suggest a follow up. What about having a Judeophobia or a Zionophobia contest and give every Muslim a fair chance to win something too. That would give us all the giggles.

Radical Muslims love it if they are hated, even more so if they are feared, but if there is one thing that gets right up their noses, it’s being laughed at. So to use a good old fashioned Yiddishism, enough already. Sorry, just can’t help taking the piss. Come to think of it, I’ve really enjoyed this. It makes a change from gloom and doom, so I look forward to laughing at the religion of peace more often.

a gute nakht.