Why we should support Israel

As a non-Jew I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the rapidly increasing anti-Semitism being both openly and surreptitiously displayed at all levels of society in the Western world. Of course we have to acknowledge that hatred of Jews has been with us continuously for at least two thousand years, and that it has waxed and waned periodically over that time, but I get the sense that it is different this time. In the past, although always present, anti-Semitism has surged in specific geopolitical areas, notably in the Greek and Roman empires, early and medieval Christian Europe, Islam since it’s inception, the Russian Empire, Nazi Germany and its Axis allies, and the Soviet Union.

un racismToday however, anti-Semitism is being propagated and nourished throughout most of the world by an unholy alliance of Islam and Western progressivism, and they have an International focal point in the United Nations in which to foster and broadcast the seeds of Jew hatred, and the Islamic dominated United Nations does just that with gleeful enthusiasm.

I have long since given up on the effort to find a rational and definitive root cause of anti-Semitism. There are so many different “reasons” given for hating Jews, religious, ethnicity, political, racial and good old fashioned envy, among many. If there is one definitive cause of anti-Semitism that can be identified it is the distinct lack of intellectual and cognitive ability in those who espouse it.

So why would a non-Jew, a non-religious person like me, be so concerned about the fate of Israel and the Jewish people in general? I have said this before but it is worth repeating. I am first and foremost concerned because anti-Semitism is a particularly nasty, hypocritical and virulent type of racism, practiced for the most part by the very leftist, liberal, progressive people who trumpet opposition to all other forms of racism, but nevertheless like to wallow in the sewer of Jew hatred. Anti-Semitism is morally reprehensible, unjustified, and the Jewish people don’t deserve it. Secondly, I am concerned because Israel is not just the only true democracy in the entire Middle East, it is one of the few remaining democracies anywhere. Given that all the European countries which are EU members are democracies in name only, being governed by an unelected neo-Stalinist Bureaucracy in Brussels.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly evident that using democracy as an argument to support Israel is like banging your head against a brick wall, since nearly all of the West is run by a progressive elite who no longer put any kind of value on democracy, believing as they do, on the fantasy of creating a mistaken Utopian one World State, which by definition is the antithesis of democracy. So any appeal to democratic principles fall on deaf ears. It is no surprise that the European elites are so anti-Semitic, since Israel is so emphatically proud of its democratic status, it is therefore seen as a thorn in the side of the progressives political aims. Aims which ironically are to all intents and purposes identical to Islam’s aims of a one World Caliphate, hence the unholy alliance between them. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. At least until it comes to sharing out the spoils when Islam will ruthlessly squash the progressives under their sandaled feet.

There is no question about the fact that both religious and political Islam acts as the main driving force behind the widespread Jew hatred which pollutes the world today, and that the cynical Islamic manufactured Palestinian conflict with Israel is the catalyst for promoting a continuation of anti-Semitism throughout the world, and regretfully, despite successive futile attempts to broker a peace deal, there is no realistic prospect of such a thing ever happening in the foreseeable future.

Decades of social engineering and brainwashing of Palestinian children and young people from the earliest age by both the Palestinian elite and family members ensures that it is not only the elite who hate Jews, but almost the entire Palestinian people. It is child abuse on a grand scale equivalent to that of North Korea. Children are taught on their parents knees to hate and fear Jews, that Jews are the offspring of apes and pigs, and that Jews should be killed at every opportunity. They are taught this throughout their lives, at nursery, school, and in their Mosques. The fanaticism is so great that mothers and fathers strap on explosive vests to their own children, or give them knifes and send them out to kill Jews with the certainty that they will be killed themselves.

How is it even remotely possible to negotiate with depraved people like these? What kind of human mother or father can boast about making their very own son or daughter commit suicide for their own religious and ideological perversions while they skulk safely at home? It is the natural instinct of most animal species including humans to shield and protect their own offspring, even some insects do it, but for the Palestinians and other groups of Islamic death cult followers the very evolutionary life force which governs the survival of the species on this planet is cast aside as worthless.

So tell me Mr Obama, Mr Cameron, and Frau Merkel et al, how do you propose that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel should go about negotiating peace with a people who happily kill their own children and who worship death above all things? We would all like to know the secret.

As for Israel, I don’t pretend to have a solution to their problem with anti-Semitism, but I notice as of late Israel has been encouraging Jews in the diaspora, chiefly in France and Germany to go and live in Israel for their own protection and presumably to help invigorate the Israeli State. So why not take it further and put out an open invite with incentives to Jewish scientists, engineers, technicians, medical staff, academics etc. It would do two things, it would further strengthen and invigorate Israeli society, and because the Jewish contribution to Western society is massively and deliberately understated, it might just make Western governments sit up and take notice.

We in the West are rapidly approaching a critical set of cross roads where we will have to chose. We can choose the route that Israel has chosen, civilisation, freedom and love of life, or we can remain where we are and gradually be dragged in the other direction toward despotism, serfdom and barbarity. It would seem to be an obvious choice, but I no longer trust the West to make the right one.