Islamic integration: a non-starter

The recent events in Paris have once again highlighted the serious problem of Islamic no-go areas in cities throughout Europe. The word Ghetto is often used to describe these areas, but this is wrong. A Ghetto is an area of internment. An area in which a population is restricted to against their will. Originally developed as areas  in which to confine especially Jews, who would have no control over the nature of their confinement. The purpose of a Ghetto is to keep people in against their will.

A Muslim no-go area is the exact opposite. It is self imposed by its inhabitants, who take complete control of life within the no-go area, usually against the Law of the host nation, and by illicitly adopting their own Sharia Law. A Muslim no-go area is designed to keep non-Muslims out. Furthermore, the purpose of a Muslim no-go area is not to restrict the internal population, but to give them a base for expansion. In short, a Muslim no-go area is de facto a mini starter pack Caliphate.

We have become so inured to leftist liberal idealism in the West, that we often blind ourselves to reality. The almost automatic response to finding a solution to no-go areas is to assume that we have not done enough to integrate them. The Muslim inhabitants of these areas have absolutely no wish, or intention of becoming ‘Integrated’, in fact it is anathema to them. The very idea of integration with the Kuffar is Haraam, and no amount of persuasion will convince them otherwise.

As far as I can see there is no solution to no-go areas other than to say, we should never have allowed it to happen in the first place, but too late for that now. We could perhaps with a little more integrity and a lot more guts, prevent the Calphates ‘State within a State’ from expanding, but with the dominant leftist liberal mindset in ‘lack’ of control, and in a permanent appeasement mode, it is extremely unlikely to happen anytime soon.

We are unfortunately stuck with it, and we only have ourselves to blame.