Tommy Robinson V UK Dhimmi Police State


arrestIt never ends. Tommy Robinson has once again, predictably, been given notice of his imminent arrest only two days after launching Pegida UK. Yet another remarkable coincidence instigated by the UK Governments State Police. Make no mistake, this is a case of blatant Police harassment worthy of any third world despotic banana Republic. It is nothing more than a continuation of politically motivated oppression. While it takes the UK Police decades to react to the rape of thousands of underage children by Muslim gangs, politicians and so called celebrities, it seems that they are perfectly capable of reacting immediately to any trumped- up charge against the very man who has the guts to speak out against the criminal rape of children and Islamic abuse of women.

UK Police efficiency, it seems, is entirely dependent upon their political masters Dhimmitude to Islam and their politically correct guidance. If Tommy Robinson were to drop a sweetie paper on Preston High Street the State Police would act instantly with armed response teams and half a dozen squad cars with blue flashing lights.

One thing we can be certain of is that if the State Police ever allow Tommy Robinson to attend the Pegida UK march in Birmingham on 6 Feb 2016, they will make absolutely certain that their friends in the thuggish UAF are placed strategically within stone-throwing and bottle-throwing distance of the Pegida marchers, just as they always did during EDL marches. In other countries the police are used to protect the public from alien threats, in the UK, the State Police are used to protect the alien threat from the British people, as the following photographs below will clearly show. Note the explicit hate speech exhibited by the Muslim protesters, then notice who gets arrested. You couldn’t make it up.

No decent rational human being could possibly disagree with what Tommy Robinson is fighting for. If you oppose misogyny, barbarism and the end of free speech, then you must agree with him. Listen here. He speaks out passionately against child molestation and misogyny, he speaks out against the imposition of a culture which is diametrically and aggressively opposed to every value ever held by Western democracy and civilisation. What is there not to like about Tommy Robinsons openly stated desires for his country and  Western society ?

This is what he is fighting against. What sane person would encourage or want it ?

What Paul Joseph  Watson thinks Video titled “rape of Europe ”


british police go to hell

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