justin welbySo the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby has at long last decided to speak out robustly against the genocide of Christians, Yazidis, and yes, some Muslims too, and he has shown that he has a realistic understanding of where much of the blame lies with this statement “ And it must include challenging Saudi Arabia and Qatar, whose own promotion of a particular brand of Islamic theology has provided a source from which ISIL have drawn a false legitimation.” He has spoken out in the House of Lords, in the media, and from the pulpit in his Christmas Day sermon. – ” ISIS’s apocalyptic vision threatens Christians with ” elimination” in the very birthplace of their religion.” So the good Archbishop has known all along of the true nature of the genocide being enacted, it’s just that he preferred to leave it for his Christmas sermon.

Oh! I have no doubt many will say ” Stop griping ! Better late than never. ” Not so ! Better late than never, is just fine on a football field where a last minute goal can save the day, but on the field of “ elimination ” ( to use the Archbishops word ) , late is too late. The victims are either dead or traumatised for life, there is no last minute goal for them. Retrospective soul- searching may bring solace for the passive international spectators, but certainly not for the victims.

Of course, this should never be turned into an attack on the personage of Justin Welby who I am absolutely certain is a loving, caring man who feels the full weight of the tragedy unfolding, but he is the boss as far as the Church of England is concerned, and I hope he realises that his office has failed abysmally in reacting with vigour to the genocide of hundreds of thousands of fellow Christians and Yazidi. Justin Welby is just one of so many in the Western Christian Churches, leaders of Nations, politicians, academics, the useless UN and the ever perfidious mainstream media. All as guilty as one another in the sinful art of doing nothing until it is too late. It’s so much easier you see, and when it is all over and there are no more Christians or Yazidi left to kill, they will all wring their hands and say someone should have done something about it. Someone else that is.

armenian genocideSadly there is nothing new in this. Ever since the word ” genocide” was first coined by the Polish Jew Raphael Lemkin around 1944, in response to his concerns about the earlier Armenian ” Medz Yeghern” ( Great Crime ), the western elite have developed procrastination into a fine art form when dealing with, or rather not dealing with genocide.

After the Armenian genocide where 1,500,000 people, many of them Christian, were slaughtered, came the Holocaust in Nazi Germany where 5,800,000 ( some estimates make it as high as 11,000,000 ) mainly Jews were systematically exterminated. Among them were also Jehovah Witness’s, Romany’s, Gays, the mentally disabled and others. Both before and after the above genocides there have been numerous genocides and mass exterminations including the Congo, Cambodia, Tibet, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Namibia and many more. The present genocide in Northern Iraq and Syria is just one more in a long list characterised by the same worldwide empty response via the corrupt, ineffectual and Islamic controlled United Nations.

we have no choiceThe pattern is always the same. First they must satisfy themselves that the on-going slaughter of innocents meets the criteria for being called a genocide. The inevitable research and debate will take many months, if not years to complete. Meanwhile the death toll mounts and mounts, and by the time they have decided that, yes! It is indeed genocide, the butchery is over and they can all go home to their boring little lives, safe in the knowledge that they didn’t, or wont need to do anything about it. After all, there is no point in “crying over spilled milk”, and so it goes on.

In the past genocides have been confined to geographic areas and to particular peoples and religions and as terrible as they have been, they have come and gone. Only the Jewish people have had to endure a continuous threat to their existence over a period of several thousand years, but even the horror and physical reality of the Holocaust came to an end eventually. This time it is going to be different.

This time the genocide is not confined to one geographical place, nor is it confined to one people or religion, it is spread throughout the entire Muslim world and a whole host of countries on the African continent. Everywhere where there is a large Muslim population, and it is threatening to envelop the rest of the free world in the near future. The whole of Europe is well on the way to submission in the mistaken belief that the Prophet Muhammad’s sex obsessed disciples wont rape their daughters and will peacefully integrate with European society. Pigs might fly!

bishop of chellmsfordNow I see that the Church of England’s long awaited concern for the plight of the worlds Christians hasn’t lasted very long. It seems they have a much more important problem to solve, namely that they have come to the conclusion that the Church is ” Institutionally Racist “, a heaven sent opportunity to dust off and don their hand-knitted progressive hair-shirts again. However, the Bishop of Chelmsford, the Rt Rev Stephen Cotterell speaking at the Church’s General Synod, partially disagrees with the ” Institutional ” nature of this terrible racism. He said that “ While the Church may not be guilty of racism, there’s still racism within the church”. 

He added that ” The ethnic mix of clergy did not reflect the nature of society or of the Church as a whole. In the 10 years to 2011, the number of black Christians in the UK increased by 58% and of Asian Christians by 390%; in the same period the number of white Christians declined by 17%.

Also “Quite simply the leadership and ministry of the Church of England no longer looks like or adequately reflects the diversity and creativity of the communities it serves”. 

So it seems that there is one Bishop at least who has no desire to wear his hair-shirt, preferring to hand it down to his ” white” Church membership: since he clearly doesn’t think he is racist and presumably he doesn’t think the black and Asian members are racist, that only leaves the rapidly declining white members to fulfil his statement that ” there’s still racism within the church  “. I don’t suppose that it ever occurred to the good Bishop that the decreasing numbers of “white ” Church members might have something to do with them being pissed off at being called racists, or that they may be feeling that they are being betrayed by a leadership which ignores the plight of Christians whilst extolling the virtues of the ” Religion of Peace ” which is responsible for the plight that thousands of Christians are in, in the first place, or perhaps that they are fed up with being told not to ” Let the door hit them where the good Lord split them ” on the way out.

There is however one form of racism which the leaders of all the Western Christian Churches exhibit, and that is the thinly veiled anti-Semitism toward the State and people of Israel. In a cruel irony, while the Bishops wring their hands in agonising over their own racism, the Israeli government and media regularly voice their deep concern for the thousands of Christian and Yazidi victims of Islamic terrorism.

As a non-believer I could not give a damn about the pious soul searching of the Western Christian leaders, but I do care immensely about the welfare of the many thousands of Christian victims of genocide inflicted by the “Religion of Peace “, because these victims are more than just Christians they are human beings who do not deserve martyrdom. I am also concerned about the decline of Christianity throughout the Western world in particular, because the demise of Christianity will inevitably create a religious vacuum which will be enthusiastically filled by an Islamic Caliphate with unimaginable consequences.

gtolda meirThe following quotation has been attributed to the former Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir – “ Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children, more than they hate us “, a reference to the insanity coming out of Palestine and a most profound one. I hope that Golda Meir will forgive me for adapting her quote to suit the present Christian genocide. ” A solution may come when the Christian elite learn to love their own flock, more than they love the religion which is murdering them”. 

It seems inappropriate after an article like this, but I wish you all a very happy New Year.