Nothing to do with Islam

Terrorism from the Islamic world has nothing to do with religion, it is merely political criminality, or so we are repeatedly told. Strangely enough, there are people from both sides of the political divide who follow that same narrative. Those who are defenders or appeasers of Islamic terror like Barak Obama, seek to deny the religious nature of Islamic terrorism because acknowledging it threatens their own belief system. Ironically, some of those who are fiercely outspoken in their opposition to Islamic terror, think that by denying the religious nature of it somehow helps to delegitimise it.

child bombBoth narratives are over simplistic and false. The actions of Islamic terrorists unfailingly and explicitly show that the primary catalyst for Islamic terrorist behaviour is religion, and the roots of this stimulus toward barbarism lies mainly in Wahhabism / Salafism. To suggest as many do that terrorists are merely using or abusing religious Islam as an excuse to behave as they do, is just not credible. The fact that thousands of Muslim men, women and even children are so willing to sacrifice themselves, and that Mothers and Fathers are prepared to strap bombs to their own children and send them out to a horrible death, makes a complete nonsense of the idea that they do this for some vague political ideology.

Ever since the start of organised Islamic terrorism in the mid to late 1960’s every attack has been preceded by and carried out with the now sadly familiar ritualistic Islamic ” Allahu Akbar ” ( Allah is the greatest ), this is not a political statement. It is a religious incantation.

The desire to create a world wide Caliphate, which drives Islamic terrorism, is the desire to fulfil the religious prophesy contained within the Qur’an, the Hadith and the Sunnah, and the only political context which can be drawn from it, is from the now international nature and consequences of todays terrorist activity. Put another way, the cause of Islamic extremism is the all invasive and puritanical nature of particularly Wahhabism / Salafism / Muwahhism ( all names used by the same Saudi based cult ).

There is of course a political dimension, but it is the effect, not the cause. In order to attempt a solution to any problem we must address the root cause, not the effect or consequences. People like Barak Obama will never accept that the religion of Islam is the cause, because of his unquestioning loyalty to, and his emotional affinity with Islam. Others like the Clintons and many of the worlds leaders will always put their personal or their countries immediate financial interests before what they know to be the truth.

You cannot rationally talk in terms of political Islam without acknowledging that it stems from religious Islam. No religious Islam equals no political Islam. It’s simple logic.

Separating political Islam from religious Islam and identifying it as a root cause of terrorism, whether well intentioned or not, is dangerous and irresponsible, because it provides the perfect excuse for the progressive appeasers and enablers to deny Islam’s responsibility, and proclaim that terrorist acts are merely local criminal acts and should be treated as such. Most notable in this respect is Barak Obama and his administration who have persistently called terrorist attacks in the US ” Work related crime ” or ” Violence in the workplace ” or just ” Criminality “. It took Obama six years to admit that the Fort Hood terror attack was indeed a terrorist attack, and there was a similar reluctance to call the Chattanooga attack Islamic terrorism ( In fact he still wont use the word ” Islamic “), and again with the latest Islamic act of terror in San Bernardino, the same reluctance to call it Islamic terrorism was evident.

However, the main reason why separating religious Islam from political Islam is such a bad thing is that it provides 1.6 Billion Muslims world wide a gigantic ” get out of jail free card “. It feeds the ” It’s nothing to do with us ” narrative which is used by Muslims to deny any responsibility for their fellow Muslims depraved barbarity. Isn’t it amazing how silent 1.6 Billion Muslims can be when they want to ?

The suggestion made by ever so many that the Islamic terrorists somehow misinterpret and abuse Qur’anic teaching is intellectually vacuous, indeed it is the exact opposite of the truth. The mostly Wahhabi / Salafist / Muwahhist terrorists are interpreting Islamic teaching and Law in the most puritanical way possible. The Qur’an, the Hadith and the Sunnah are the root religious cause of Islamic terror throughout the World, and until we in the West recognise that undeniable fact, we will never be able to deal with it.