The book ” Enemy of the State” by Tommy Robinson, is one of, if not the most important books to be written over the last few decades. This book exposes the depths of the rottenness which lies at the very core of the British establishment, and is written by someone who has personally experienced its vile vindictiveness.  When the Law-makers and the Law-enforcers of a Nation State become the Law-breakers and the Law-abusers then it is time for the people to take back control of the Nation.

kafkaAs I read this book I became aware of the remarkable Kafkaesque nature of the unfolding story. When I read Franz Kafka’s almost surreal story ” Der Process ” ( The Trial ) some years ago, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would later be living in a Police State where Kafka’s central character Josef K would come to life in the shape of Tommy Robinson. Kafka’s story about a bureaucratic Police State where people can be arrested by unspecified agencies for unspecified crimes, or for crimes of such triviality that they would under normal circumstances be worthy of only a warning at most, is more than evident in the case of Tommy Robinson, especially when crimes of a much greater severity are routinely ignored in others. Namely Muslims.

One of the more alarming revelations to come out of this book is that Government agencies like MI5 have direct and controlling influence on the Judiciary, the Crown Prosecution Services ( CPS ), the Prison Service and Probation Services. What is even more alarming is that these various Government agencies are prepared to threaten family members, relatives and friends of their target to get him to cooperate. This is reminiscent of the ex-Soviet Stasi and KGB and it is happening here in this country, and on our watch.

tommy's bookThere is another thing which leaps out of the pages of this book, and it is this. The image presented by the establishment, including much of the mainstream media of Tommy Robinson, could not be further from the truth. He is absolutely not a racist, Islamophobe or extreme right wing thug. He is articulate, intelligent and knows his subject better than most, as both his book and his speech to the Oxford University union will testify. Sure he seems to be more than able to handle himself in a fight, and has a courage and determination most would envy, but he was brought up in a hard school and given the treatment dished out to him by the establishment bully-boys, he needed to be tough to survive.

My late wife Evelyn whom this Blog is named after was the best judge of character I ever knew, she could spot a fake a mile off, and she was a great admirer of Tommy Robinson and the EDL, and often wrote letters to newspapers and television programmes defending him. That’s good enough for me.

However, as much as it gives me pleasure to sing Tommy’s praises, that’s not the main reason for writing this post. For anyone who is concerned about the Islamification of not just the UK, but of the whole Western world, who cares about democracy and the right to free speech, this book is an absolute must read.

If you haven’t seen Tommy’s speech to the Oxford University Union, click here. It is well worth watching. For the questions and answers which followed click her