Primeval Pagan Savagery

There are photographs and links to videos on this Blog which give me no pleasure or gratification to show. Nevertheless, I am about to provide a link to yet another source of evidence for Islamic barbarity. The word ” barbaric ” is so totally inadequate to describe the horror of what large elements of Islam is doing, and has done throughout the world. There is no word in the English language which comes anywhere near to conveying the depths of Islamic depravity, and yet, we persist in calling it a “Religion of Peace “.

Somehow we have got to get it across to the general public that what is going on is a very real genocide, but the problem is that the mainstream media, and I mean all of the media, insists in sanitizing all of the images emerging from the genocide zone, which means that the general public is getting a vastly underrated idea of the true and horrific nature of the events. This seemingly apathetic and unemotive response from the ” man in the street ” is reinforced by the progressive establishments cynical dissimulation about the events. In the US in particular Barak Obama’s surreptitious Islamic sympathies and hidden hostility to other religions and cultures like Christianity and the Yazidi, takes misleading the public to an ever higher extreme. Only the shocking reality of what is going on will motivate the public into demanding action.

Unfortunately Web Sites and Blogs on the internet have a minority viewing compared to television and radio which are evident in every home, and is the main source of news to most people. The internet is the only source of unsanitized news, but Blogs and Web Sites are usually visited by like-minded people and unfortunately largely about preaching to the already converted.

isis butcheryPeople have become enormously desensitized to human suffering. All too often when I speak to people about what is going on, I get a blank stare as if to say ” So what’s new, people are always killing one another.”, but the present genocide of Christians, Yazidis and othersĀ is much more than that. It is plumbing the depths of primeval Pagan savagery far in excess of anything previously seen in our time, and if you follow this link you will see the evidence for this. Ritual slaughter of humans to make their flesh Halal. Yes! Cannibalism in the 21st century. It is important that people are informed of this so that they can react against it. So if my provision of this link, courtesy of jars the sensibilities of some, good. Warning it is very graphic.