Their Christian duty

archbishopsOnce again a non-believer like me feels the need to write about religious genocide, because the Western Christian elite don’t want to know about it. As I write, a Christian or Yazidi human being is being mercilessly butchered at an estimated rate of one every five minutes, and the Western Archbishops, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests, Ministers and the pope do nothing about it.

To be fair to these pious, virtuous, God fearing dignitaries they are at the moment tremendously overworked, and labouring away like busy little bees defending the faith. The problem is, and they don’t seem to know it, they are vigorously defending the wrong faith, and it leaves them with very little time to defend their own faith, and more importantly, their own people.

The Western Christian leaders today seem to be preoccupied with and obsessed with reading the ” Holy Qur’an” and making sure that their members fully understand that Islam is a ” Religion of Peace” and that Islam is a truly wonderful religion. Presumably that is why they seem to have neglected to read the Christian bible recently. So let a poor damned non-believer remind them of what they seem to have forgotten.

  • Exodus 20:3 . “You shall have no other Gods before me.”
  • Isaiah 43:20 . “Before me no God was formed, nor shall there be any after me.” 
  • John  14 : 6  . “Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

There are of course many more similar examples, but I hope that this will remind them that no where does the Christian bible say ‘ There is no other God before me, except for Allah and Muhammad.’

Islam is the very antithesis of what Christianity, and indeed Judaism represents. Yet here we have the Western Christian leaders devoting their precious time and energies to extolling the virtues of a 7th century death cult, while vacuously and heartlessly watching that very same death cult butcher, enslave, rape and torture both Christian and Yazidi families.

church ruinedMany of the Eastern Christian and Yazidi religious leaders are courageously suffering alongside their brethren, sharing in their awful plight, but not so the pampered comfortable Western leaders. It is little wonder that Churches in parts of the western world are loosing their congregations to the extent that they are largely empty. Islam does not need the Christian Church to defend them, but the Christian people of the world do. Stop preaching “Religion of Peace” from your pulpits and begin to demand action against the genocide that you have so far largely ignored. It is a genocide against the Christian religion, your religion, but more importantly it is a genocide against innocent humans. Start earning your extremely generous stipends for once.