Wrong to ban Muslims, but Muslim Judenrein is just fine

The phoney, hypocritical and engineered outrage at Donald Trumps remarks concerning the banning of all Muslims temporarily from entering the US has spread like a politically correct pandemic across a gullible world. In the UK a petition has been raised to get Trump banned from entering the UK, and has within days gathered more signatures than other important petitions to save the Yazidis and Christians who are being slaughtered and raped daily in a genocide perpetrated by Muslims. How very caring these Trump hating petitioners are.

An article by the Israeli writer Judith Bergman in “Israel Hayom” sums up the hypocrisy very well and I quote –

  • ” It should be pointed out – as many indeed did last week – that the detractors of Trump’s statement above show no sensitivity to the fact that Jews are permanently and officially prohibited from entering 16 Muslim countries across the world. In fact, ironically, only last week a Jewish family was prohibited from entering Jordan on a tourist visit unless they removed all signs of being Jewish. Where was the outrage and the reaching for smelling salts among the politically correct, safe-space-ensconced liberals of the world ? The news never┬ámade the headlines outside of Israel and the Jewish world.”
  • None of those who condemn Trump are concerned with the fact that Gaza is Judenrein under the fascist regime of Hamas.”

So there you have it ! The very same Muslims who everyone is so concerned about being banned, are operating a ban on Jews entering their countries for no other reason than that they are Jews. As Judith Bergman rightly says ” where is the outrage ? ” about this. This time it isn’t just the leftist progressive Democrats who are weeping tears into their coffee over the poor Muslim victims. The Republican establishment elite are also condemning Trump : mainly, it must be said, because he isn’t one of them. They want a “member of the club” to win. One of the GOP’s protestations about Trumps suggested ban, is that it is unworkable. Well! It seems that 16 Muslims countries can manage to operate a ban against Jews without much problem.

The other objection being peddled is what would happen if , let’s say, the King of Jordan wanted to pay a State visit to the US ? So, correct me if I’m wrong, but if a ban was in place and King Abdullah decided to visit he wouldn’t turn up in his private aircraft with a false Syrian passport claiming refugee status, or claiming asylum. There would be no reason why, during a ban, that a diplomatic or business exception couldn’t be made: it’s not rocket science.

This sham outrage is nothing more than the progressive morality police in operation, and the political left don’t have a monopoly in being progressive. The Saudi’s have their “religious police” and the progressives have their “morality police”. When Hillary Clinton said of Trump ” What he’s saying now is not only shameful and wrong, it is dangerous.” Presumably her self righteous remarks will also apply to the Muslim ban on Jews. Perhaps not! Anyway, I fail to see what gives the Clinton Cosa nostra the right to accuse others of being shameful and wrong. Obama loves Islam for its own sake, the Clintons love Islam for its generous contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Does this mean that I am recommending Donald Trump to be the next US President? Of course not. I admire his complete disregard for political correctness, his outspoken rhetoric and his fierce resolution to get things done. However, Donald Trump is undoubtedly a “loose cannon”, and if he were ever to become the┬áPresident of the most powerful nation on Earth we would all be living in a perpetual state of dismay at what he might do or say next. If he had been President during the Cuban missile crisis I dread to think what might have happened.

By all means criticise Donald Trump, like most politicians there is plenty to criticise, but he has brought a refreshing candour to the US election process and has said so may correct things. The conservatives should desist from copy-catting the progressive pseudo-morality meme.

Watch Pat Condell on the same subject. Brilliant