This is about an important short video film produced by The Clarion Project. It is important because it comprehensively exposes the complete irrelevance of the leftist progressive over simplistic truism ” All Muslims are not terrorists “. The progressives have used this narrative highly successfully to convince a lot of people that because terrorists are a minority group in Islam they are somehow not really a problem, no big deal, a lot of fuss about nothing. The problem with a “truism” is that “truth” like everything in society and in language, is complex, and if presented over-simplistically can, and invariably does, distort the real truth. The practitioners of progressive groupthink are only too well aware of this and make the most of it.

The film is narrated by Raheel Raza, a courageous Canadian Muslim, journalist and author. This film needs to be watched, and needs to be seen by the general public who are all too often mislead by mainstream progressive media. Please watch it and send it on to others. The link is here..