saudi executionSaudi Arabia is one of the most barbaric, sadistic and evil regimes on planet Earth. If you want to get rid of ISIL or al-Qaeda then first get rid of the Saudi regime. Saudi beheads more people in any one year than ISIL has since it began. The Saudi judicial system is conducted under strict and puritanical interpretation of Islamic Sharia Law, and is enforced by the Saudi State Police who carry out the punishments which include decapitation, the severing of hands and feet, whipping, eye-gouging and tooth extraction without anaesthetic. Beheadings are mainly imposed for murder, drug offences, apostasy, sorcery and witchcraft. Not a good idea to have a Halloween party in Riyadh. In addition to the State Police Saudi has a Religious Police called the Mutaween who although State authorised nevertheless have a large volunteer contingent ( the name Mutaween means “Volunteer”). The Mutaween are extremely proactive and continually patrol the streets looking for infringements of strict Sharia Law, particularly with women. Women are regularly harassed on the streets and can be reported and punished for offences as trivial as wearing make-up or lipstick, or for not having their faces covered.

mutaweenA 19 year old woman was viciously raped by 7 men and was foolish enough to report it to the Saudi police. She was found guilty of indecency, talking to the media and being out without a male family member and sentenced to 6 months in prison and 90 lashes. Best not to be born a woman in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is an absolute and ruthlessly dictatorial monarchy. The present King is King Salman one of the many sons of Ibn Saud. The religion practiced in Saudi is Wahhabism which is a fundamentalist and puritanical form of Sunni Islam. Many Saudi’s dislike the term Wahhabi and prefer to be called either Salafi or Muhhawid. So we’ll call them Wahhabi.

Because of the extreme and puritanical adherence to the very letter of Sharia Law and to the same literal interpretation of the Qur’an, the Hadith and the Sunnah, Saudi Arabia is truly a radicalised State, which brings us to an important and much misunderstood point regarding the use of the words ” radical or radicalisation “. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of “radical” is as follows ” Of qualities; inherent in the nature or essence of a thing or person: fundamental. Forming the root, basis or foundation; original, primary. Going to the root or origin.” So that we can see that any and every Muslim who has been brought up to believe and accept the root and original teachings of Islam is by definition radicalised. The majority of Saudi’s are indoctrinated from birth to become radicalised. It is no accidental coincidence, or indeed surprise that 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were Saudi citizens, or that Osama bin Laden was a prominent Saudi.

What we in the West persist in calling “radicalisation”, particularly in reference to Muslim “radicalisation”, is a misnomer. The exposure of particularly young people to Jihadist web sites, videos, speeches by Imams and posts on Face Book and Twitter by Islamic extremists is not radicalisation, it is stimulus, incitement directed at already radicalised people. It is a form of “trigger mechanism” to tip people over the edge from a state of passive radicalisation to a desire to act aggressively. No one knows this better than the Israeli’s in dealing with the daily terrorist acts by mainly young palestinian boyPalestinians. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu berates the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas about the terrorist behaviour of the Palestinian youth, he does not accuse Abbas of radicalising them, he accuses him of inciting them. Netanyahu is only too well aware that the Palestinian population is quite literally radicalised on their mothers knees. They are taught from the earliest age that Jews are the offspring of apes and pigs. They are indoctrinated to hate and fear Jews by their parents, in their schools and by their media, and when Abbas’s cronies go on air to speak to them they know full well there is no need to radicalise them, they are already primed, all it takes is a match to ignite the powder.

isis and saudiSaudi Arabia is only different in one aspect. King Salman and his regime don’t want to get their hands dirty. They like to present an image of innocence to the international community while inducing and inciting others to do their dirty work for them. There is little difference between Saudi and ISIS apart from transparency. Yet it is this same Saudi Arabia, this fully radicalised and puritanical Islamic State, this regime which radicalises and terrorises its own people and surreptitiously ferments international terrorism, which unbelievably has been given the chair of the UNHRC ( United Nations Human Rights Council) despite being in breach of every single article of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Shamefully, this appointment was made with the duplicity of the UK Government in a mutual back-scratching exercise, and with the approval of most of the UN Member States. One must assume that there is a reason for this bizarre in the extreme decision, and we need look no further than the Saudi oil fields for that reason.

There is a constant stream of Western leaders, politicians and trade magnates visiting and kow-towing to King Salman. Barak Hussein Obama has made a most respectful visit, but then that is understandable given that they are fellow Muslims with overlapping interests. Oh yes! Obama is, in all but publicised name. Even the UK’s Prince Charles has recently paid his respects to King Salman, but it has to be said to his credit that he broke with protocol to raise the issue of Blogger Raif Badawi who was sentences to 10 years in prison, a fine of £175,000 and 1000 lashes. He has already received the first 50 lashes which almost killed him, and all this for supposedly insulting Islam. What he really did was to use his Blog to call for the acceptance in the Muslim world for Human Rights and the chair of the UNHRC called that “insulting Islam”. The species Homo Sapiens is a very strange animal indeed..

raif badawiRaif Badawi is a very courageous and principled Muslim who deserves much better and should be released as soon as possible to join his wife. While not a great fan of Prince Charles all praise to him for his important intervention. Raif has not yet been released but his next bout of lashes have at least been postponed. We can only live in hope that he will be released soon.

Of course Saudi Arabia is not the only Sharia obsessed Muslim country. Iran, Pakistan and a number of other Muslim countries are every bit as radicalised and ruthless, but Saudi is the original root of the 7th century death cult that is hell-bent on the destruction of Western civilisation. It is long past the time for the West to acknowledge who the enemy is, and to put survival before short term economic interests, but then pigs will fly.

This is when radicalisation begins