sandersWhen the Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders made his grandstanding proclamation at the Presidential debate, that Climate Change was the main threat to the US and Western civilisation and that the present migration crisis was a symptom of Climate Change, he met with a great deal of derision from his GOP rivals, and rightly so. However, what Bernie said was nothing new, he was merely parroting what had already been said by Obama and other progressive thinkers ( I use the word loosely ). In fact the Harvard University environmental analyst Lester R Brown had written a book called ” The Twenty-Ninth Day ” in which he suggested that catastrophic Climate Change would cause massive movements of peoples across the planet.. The book was written in 1978.

The problem with Lester Browns analysis is the same problem that is plaguing scientific debate today, and that is that there is no debate. What we are vehemently force fed today is ” Settled Science”, ” Consensus Science “, and ” Omnipotent Science “.In a World of wonderful and challenging complexity there is a lazy and corrupt refusal to meet the challenges that complexity demands and as a result there is a seemingly uncontrollable urge to seek simplicity in everything, whether it be science, social science, or politics.

galileo“Settled Science” is anti-science. It was settled science which dictated to the World that the Sun orbited the Earth until Galileo Galilei inconveniently unsettled it. He incidentally fucked up the consensus and omnipotence while he was at it, and Heliocentrism became a historic piece of Mumbo-Jumbo.

“Scientific Consensus” is equally ridiculous. When a scientist comes up with a theory or hypothesis, the idea that it’s validity should be decided by a democratic vote is bizarre in the extreme. After all, the democratic vote got us Obama, Cameron, Merkel and Putin among others. What happened to consensus there then?

The most alarming thing about the modern progressive view of science is the simplistic idea that ” It must be true because scientists say so “. This is “Omnipotent Science “. Scientists are all knowing, all powerful Gods who can never be questioned or challenged by us mere mortals. It is of course absolute nonsense, since although a few past and present scientists may well have been or are geniuses, the overwhelming majority of them are just mere mortals like the rest of us. Capable of being right or wrong and prone to fallibility.

gaia 2Of course the first reaction is often to laugh at the sheer comical fantasy of it all, until that is, you realise that the whole environmental movement is based upon an ancient Greek myth. The Greek mother Goddess Gaia ( Gaea ) was awoken from her long peaceful immortal slumber by, wait for it! A NASA scientist called Dr James Lovelock who wrote several books on the subject, including a book of hymns to Gaia. To be fair to Dr Lovelock he is on record as saying that the Gaia hypothesis was intended as a “metaphor “, but it nevertheless kick-started a ” Green Cult ” which has many thousands of followers ( Worshipers).

Probably the most infamous scientist to latch onto the Gaia ” metaphor ” was professor of Climatology ( what else ) Steven Schneider, who said, and I quote –

” We need to get some broad based support, to capture the publics imagination. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”

Note the use of the word ” simplified”, as I said earlier, they must avoid the reality of complexity because it may cloud the message. The whole quotation is self evidently based upon progressive Groupthink where ” the means justify the ends “.

I am sore tempted to resurrect another Greek Goddess, Lyssa, who was the spirit of mad rage and frenzy and was associated with the Maniae, spirits of madness and insanity, and appropriately as some say, a daughter of Gaia, but perhaps not. There are more than enough loony cults around as it is. Talking about loony cults – oops, nearly pressed the “n” key by mistake, most of the Worlds political leaders have flown halfway round the World in their own private airborne CO2 producing taxis to the Paris conference to find out how they can cut down on CO2 emissions, and we all thought that ” Alice in Wonderland ” was just a harmless fantasy.

big ben iceThirty years ago we were all being told that we were doomed because another Ice Age was imminent. We were shown documentary after documentary on television with predicted images of London covered in a super thick blanket of ice, right up to the top of Big Ben. Living in the Northern Hemisphere would be impossible, and countless millions of pathetic migrants would have to move to the equatorial regions to survive, with all the consequences that that would bring. Well! The omnipotent scientists made a right cock up of that theory, didn’t they, but shush, you’re not supposed to remember that.

Never let it be said that the scientists are guilty of ever giving up. Because the Ice Age which would have reduced the human population by two thirds didn’t happen, we were now going to be – yes, you’ve got it! Doomed, because population was going to increase to unsustainable levels and we were all going to starve to death unless we stopped having more than one child. Now we are being told that we need to increase our population drastically by the means of uncontrolled immigration because there aren’t enough young people in society. You couldn’t invent it! All these doomsday scenarios were supposed to happen by the year 2000. Oh well! Even Gods can’t get it right all the time. Maybe it will be third time lucky for the always right scientists?

So here we are again, we were told that by the year 2000 ( it seems to be some kind of mystical date ) that the Earths temperature would be so high that the Polar Ice Caps would melt and sea levels would rise by at least 20ft. Yes! Once again we were in the words of that memorable character in ” Dads Army ” Fraser ” Doomed, doomed a’ tell ye, doomed “. Guess what? The temperature hasn’t risen one little bit in nearly two decades. The ice caps are increasing in size. The Polar Bears who were supposed to die out for want of ice to live on are increasing in number so much that they are becoming a nuisance. The Maldives which were supposed to disappear under the ocean are still here and they are busy treenbuilding a new airport. Never mind, I have it on the very best scientific authority that the World is about to be invaded by little green men called Treens and that this time we will definitely all be doomed.

However, back to our present fantasy world and the argument that climate change is causing the mass migration to Europe and the West from the Middle East and Africa. Now let’s just pause and think for a few minutes. The doomsday scenario that the progressive environmentalists are warning us about is that sometime in the near future ( around twenty years ) there is going to be an apocalyptic climate disaster in which the World will be faced with Global drought and starvation, and we need to act now TO PREVENT IT . So even if we agree with this prediction we must also agree that this terrible event has not yet happened. When progressives and warmists say that the people of Syria and Africa are fleeing in millions to Europe and elsewhere because of climate change, they are saying that these people are doing so because of an event which hasn’t even happened yet. Truly the Syrians must be a nation of Nostradamus’s.

Now we are all familiar with the fact that ” cause and effect ” is a major cornerstone of scientific theory, but where does it say that effect can occur without cause ? How can effect precede cause ? It couldn’t possibly be that thousands of people are fleeing from being butchered, tortured,and raped by a gang of drug addicted, insane Islamic thugs, could it ? Of course not ! After all Islam is a religion of peace, and the Earth is flat,Gaia holds up the seas and mountains on her ample breasts, while her daughter spreads insanity. Sounds about right, especially the last part.

Then there could be an additional reason for the present mass migration. Given that we now know that only about one in five migrants are in fact Syrian, and that the majority are young single men, it could be that we are witnessing the 21st century Klondykers setting off to stake their claims in the European gold mines of social security payments. The one piece of irony which has so far eluded the progressive greens, is that these people who are supposedly fleeing from excessive heat and drought are regularly seen to throw away water which is given to them and their biggest complaint on reaching Germany and other northern countries is that it is far too cold and wet for them. That and the terrible fact that most of the accommodation given to them has no broadband internet connections.