we need to wake up and take back our power

paris shootingsSo are we all agreed then ? Russia is not the greatest danger to Western civilisation despite the strategic success Russia is having , particularly in threatening to get its hands on the Northern oil fields. After all Obama practically gift-wrapped the oil fields and gave them to Putin as a Xmas present. Islam is the greatest threat as the recent murderous events in Paris testify to, but no ! We are clearly not all agreed. As the terrible events in Paris unfolded on our television screens we were subjected to the usual continuous whimpering that we didn’t know who was responsible. Really ? I for one had a pretty damned good idea who slaughtered over 100 innocent people and wounded hundreds more, and it never even entered my mind that it may have been a renegade group of Trappist Monks or a dissident group of French Girl Guides.

However, to huge sighs of relief from progressives throughout the world it was finally announced that ISIS had claimed responsibility. Thank God they all thought, we knew all along it had nothing to do with Islam the “Religion of Peace”. Now the progressive mainstream media swung into phase two, the allocation of victimhood and of course it wasn’t the hundreds of dead and wounded. It didn’t take the BBC and other Channels long to trot out the usual suspects who were quick to inform us that their main concern was for the thousands of poor down-trodden Muslims living in their self imposed “Mini-Caliphates” around Paris and Brussels who would now be cowering in fear and terror of imminent brutal attacks by hoards of ” extreme Right-Wingers”. No thought whatsoever for the fact that it was these same “Muslim Communities” who had been harbouring the Islamic thugs who had committed the slaughter in the first place. Well ! After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, with the exception of only a few minor incidents the French ” far right” did not attack the “Muslim Communities” and we can predict with reasonable certainty that it won’t happen to any great extent this time either.

The reason for this being that the French people, whether ” far right” or not, are a civilised people. Unlike the Islamic dogs of terror and the progressive enablers and appeasers who do everything within their power to thwart any criticism of Islamic terror, or indeed, to discourage any action against it.

bernieWhat is really frightening is that the US President and the three Democrat candidates for the Presidency when Obama thankfully leaves office, all deny vehemently that the acts of Islamic terror which ripped through the beautiful city of Paris, had anything to do with Islam. In spite of being publically chided to do so not one of them would use the words ” radical Islam”. Although neither Sanders or O’Malley need be taken seriously since they are both just there to provide a false image of democracy while Hillary Clinton is steered toward the throne. No progressive Democrat debate would be complete without the element of farce, and Senator Bernie Sanders obliged big time when he said that the reason all these French and other nationalities were murdered or wounded in Paris was because of “Climate Change”. How bizarre, how pathetic. Is there absolutely nothing that progressives won’t use to distract attention away from the truth ?

So let’s get this right. Various progressives have given the following reasons for both the Charlie Hebdo atrocity and the latest Paris atrocity – Climate Change, Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation, Israel, the Jews, the far right. Anything really, as long as it has nothing to do with their alliance partners the “Religion of Peace”. Are we missing something here ?

  • The present Paris atrocity perpetrated by                                                                                       Muslims
  • The Charlie Hebdo massacre perpetrated by                                                                                  Muslims
  • The 7/7 massacre in London perpetrated by                                                                                   Muslims
  • The 11/11 massacre of thousands perpetrated by                                                                          Muslims
  • The bombing of the Russian aircraft in Sinai perpetrated by                                                           Muslims
  • The slaughter of the Israeli Olympic team perpetrated by                                                                Muslims
  • The Bali bombing and slaughter perpetrated by                                                                               Muslims
  • The Mumbai massacre perpetrated by                                                                                             Muslims
  • The Boston bombing perpetrated by                                                                                                 Muslims
  • The Lockerbie aircraft atrocity perpetrated by                                                                                  Muslims
  • The Spanish rail massacre perpetrated by                                                                                        Muslims
  • The Beirut bombings perpetrated by                                                                                                 Muslims
  • The slaughter, rape and torture of the Yazidi people perpetrated by                                                Muslims
  • The murder of hundreds of thousands of Christians, Middle East and Africa, perpetrated by          Muslims
  • The rape of 1400 children in England perpetrated by                                                                        Muslims

Anyone notice the one thing all these atrocities have in common ? So if all the above list of atrocities (and this is only a tiny minuscule selection) have nothing to do with Islam then it rationally follows that Muslims have nothing to do with Islam. How the hell does that work ?

When I was a young man we barely knew what Islam or a Muslim was. Unless you had read T.E.Lawrence’s ” Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, or one of John Baggot Glubb’s books, Islam was nothing more than a remote mysterious Middle Eastern religious cult of no consequence to the rest of the world. Fast forward to the 21 century and you quite literally cannot turn on your television, radio, computer, or pick up a newspaper without being daily bombarded ( pun not intended) with Islamic terror, murder, torture, rape, or paedophilia. It is all absorbing, all consuming, it has reached a level of social saturation which is inescapable and dominates all other issues. To deny that all of this has anything to do with Islam or Muslims can only be either as a result of a malevolent agenda, or a case of extreme cognitive dissonance or an equally extreme case of intellectual impairment.

The idea that Islam is not the greatest threat to world civilisation is intellectually, morally and socially unsustainable. It is suicidal and a direct result of progressive Groupthink. Despite everything that the people of Paris and France has gone through recently, President François Hollande has just announced that he is still going to bring in 30,000 Islamic immigrants to France. It is clear that the progressive Mindset and Groupthink once accepted, is irreversible. It is like the adolescent petulance of a child who will never admit to being wrong.

There are signs that the people of Europe and the US are at last wakening up to what is going on, but unfortunately little sign that the progressive elite are doing so. Poland and Hungary being notable exceptions. Until the people begin to dictate to their leaders and threaten to vote them out of power, and to grasp power for themselves, the West will continue to decline.