believe what you see.

child in terrorThe news media is, and has been for weeks, saturated by the story that three young Muslim female students have journeyed to Northern Iraq to join the terrorist group ISIL. That on its own is I suppose ‘news’ and worthy of reporting, but it is the way that it is being reported which I find false and unacceptable. The three girls are being presented as completely innocent and somehow unaware of what they are getting into. This is nonsense!

Ever since ISIL or ISIS raised it’s ugly depraved head above the news parapet, we have been almost daily subjected to stories and images of just how brutal and perverted they are. Indeed, the depths of their barbarity has proved to be unprecedented. There is no language, or words within a language, to adequately describe the obscenity of their acts.

Day after day, week after week, these freaks of nature have themselves provided the images of genuinely innocent aid workers being decapitated, and of long columns of genuinely innocent Christians being butchered. They even provided us with the image of a young man being burned alive, and all of this is only a tiny fraction of what they have provided images of. The very worst Hollywood horror movie is made to look like a soppy love story. All of this has been shown graphically on television, and on the internet for months. So it is utterly inconceivable that anyone old enough to watch television or the internet, could possibly not understand what ISIL was doing, or the sheer depravity of it.

As far as I know the three young students in question were not handicapped by some mysterious neurological disease or disability which meant that they couldn’t understand what they were seeing. These three students were intellectually bright enough to have achieved ‘A’ Grade at school. They were not incapable of comprehending the true nature of the images which they undoubtedly saw on the media.

So were they innocent victims as has often been said? Innocent no! I do not believe they were, but victims they most certainly are. Of course, they were and are victims, but not so much from recent ‘grooming’. They were victims from birth. They were born into a sadistic nihilistic death cult called Islam. They were victims of a religion and culture that made these girls believe that no matter how cruel ISIL is, it is Allah’s work they are doing.

So how are we to know that ISIL and Islam in general is what I describe above? If truth be told it is an absurd question because the answer is so completely obvious to anyone with a brain. We know, and the whole world knows, because Islam has been openly telling us for decades. Muslims the world over must be thinking “What do we have to do to convince them?” They must believe that we Western non-Muslims must be the inheritors of some neurological disorder which inhibits us from comprehending the reality around us.

When they tell us they want to kill us and show pictures to prove it, we had better learn to believe them. When they make daily public pronouncements telling us that they intend to destroy our cultures and religions, and when they openly tell us that those of us who are left will be subject to slavery under an Islamic Sharia hell on Earth, we had damn well better believe it before it is too late.