Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

muttiThe present migration crisis in Europe has only just begun, but it has been with an impetus which Europe is unlikely ever to control. Sweden is already a lost cause. It has gone beyond the point of no return. Now Germany, thanks to the efforts of Angela Merkel has also reached a no going back situation. According to a demographic forecast by Bavarian lawmakers, Germany is destined to have a population of 20 million Muslims by 2020. That’s only 5 years away.

The reality of the situation can no longer be denied by the establishment elite or the progressive leftist mainstream media. Words like “swamped, flooded and overrun”, have inevitably found their legitimate place in describing uncontrolled immigration, and while it may seem like a victory of sorts for truth, decades of progressive deception, betrayal and corruption means that it is nevertheless a disastrous defeat for the people of Europe and for the Western world in general.

columnsThe irony of what Mutti Merkel has unleashed is that it is looking more than likely that the European Union will eventually disintegrate, bringing about the end of a 60 year long Utopian dream by progressives like Merkel herself. True to the contradictory nature of the progressive Mindset, Merkel has committed personal electoral suicide, and more importantly suicide for the progressive dream of a one world benevolent dictatorship. The dream of a Europe without borders has become a sick joke as the walls and fences are being built along the borders of Europe’s beleaguered Nation States in a last ditch effort to ” control ” hundreds of thousands of mostly young economic migrants posing as refugees and asylum seekers. The now desperate and belated need for “Immigration Control” ( the self same immigration control my late wife was calling for some 16 years ago, and was being branded as a racist and Islamophobe for.) has finally dawned upon the idiotic progressives as their failed attempt at social engineering crumbles around them.

Gradually the people of Europe are beginning to ” rumble ” the deceit and double-speak of progressive politics and ideology, and as the realization dawns on them that they have been duped and conned, then the anger will hopefully rise to a crescendo.

take overntitledWhen reading the comments on many blogs and web pages there seems to be an increasing tendency to say ” Serves them right ” ” They brought it upon themselves ” and ” They get no sympathy from me ” etc., It is tempting to agree with these sentiments. However, we must be aware that what has happened to Sweden and what is happening to Germany is the direct result of progressive politics and ideology, and since all of Europe including the UK is deeply immersed in the same progressive nightmare, we are all at equal risk. If anyone thinks that Islam is only intent on occupying Germany and Sweden, then they had better think again. Islam is the most aggressively proselytizing religion on earth and it’s intended worldwide Caliphate won’t restrict itself to Frau Merkel’s back garden. How do we know that ? Well ! Because they announce it every day, loudly and clearly. They don’t say it just for fun.

Just to confirm the strength of the problem, it has been announced by the German authorities that 580 ” refugees ” from Camp Shelterschlefe in Erding have disappeared without being registered, and that a further 700 have disappeared from emergency accommodation in Lower Saxony. Oh ! Goodness me, what a surprise. Who would have thought it? No one knows where they have gone, they have just vanished into thin air. I think it is reasonable to speculate that over the next few months there will be thousands of sex obsessed, unidentified young Muslim men who’s God and Prophet have given them the institutional right to rape and treat women like cattle, wandering around Europe unrestrained. If past experience is anything to go by the people of Germany and neighbouring countries had better keep a very careful eye on their children.

All of this because Angela ( mutti ) Merkel wanted to show the world how compassionate she was. The German people might be forgiven for saying that she was “ eine sehr schlecht mutti ” ( a very bad mummy) for betraying her children.

massSo what do we do now ? Anything we do will be like ” locking the stable door after the horse has bolted “. The destruction of the European Union would have been an admiral thing, but not like this. Europe was a wonderful place with equally wonderful people. A truly multicultural  collection of diverse States and peoples, which has been plunged into a nightmare of monocultural, one State, borderless, undemocratic, bureaucratic chaos, by the idiotic ” Groupthink ” of progressive liberal left ideology. Our only hope is that the people will rise up and grab hold of the power that they foolishly gave away to the progressive elite, because if they don’t, the mass migration of mostly hostile religiously indoctrinated young Muslim men will continue and eventually swamp, not only Sweden and Germany, but the whole of Europe.

The Franco-German socially engineered Frankenstein experiment with Europe must be expunged, but it must be done before an Islamic Caliphate can step into the vacuum and turn Europe and eventually the world into a nihilistic hell.