Israel V The World

un out denouncing israelWith the recent increase in terrorist attacks against the State of Israel and her people the question arises, how long will, or can, Israel continue to accept the political status quo ? Bearing in mind that for Israel the status quo is perpetual terror attack from the Palestinians against Israel’s citizens, the nuclear threat from Iran, the continued enmity of the Arab Muslim  States, and the widespread anti-Semitism from the West, in particular from the members of the so called United Nations. So the status quo is hardly an enviable situation for Israel.

Being neither an Israeli citizen or a Jew, I am always conscious of the fact that it is so easy for me to pontificate on what Israel should, or should not do. After all, here I am in the safe comfort of a small Scottish town where my Grandchildren can walk the streets free of the fear of being bombed or stabbed.

good news bad newsI read a great deal of Israeli news media every day and I am also fully aware of the fact that there is a strong feeling of perfectly understandable suspicion and cynicism in the opinion columns directed at Western non-Jewish commentators like me, because many seem to support Israel one minute only to stab her in the back the next. Just like the Christian and Yazidi people have discovered in Syria, where their long time Arab neighbours and ” friends” have betrayed them to ISIS. The Jewish people both in Israel and in the wider diaspora have long known that their ” friends” can quickly become disappearing spectres when it matters most. So I am reticent when making suggestions with far reaching consequences for Israel.

However, one such suggestion which I have hesitated to make has just been made by a well known Israeli citizen and it has provided me with the opportunity and excuse to wholeheartedly agree with her. The writer and political analyst Judith Bergman has written an article in “Israel Hayom” entitled ” Israel must leave the U.N.. The full article can and should be read here but I would like to quote the final two paragraphs of her article.

” Israel has no need for the UN, it is the UN that needs Israel. If there were no Jewish people, no Israel, the UN would have to invent it. Israel needs to turn its back on the UN, and simply walk away. There can be no ” dialogue” with an organisation that so openly allies itself with our enemies.

 The UN is abusive. Just like an abused spouse who is unable to fight back because the abuser is so much bigger, stronger, or simply vicious and uninterested in fostering anything positive in the relationship. Israel needs to face that fact and leave the UN.”

I agree with every word of what Judith Bergman says in the above quote. So let’s examine the pros and cons of Israel leaving the UN. Many will immediately say that if Israel leaves the UN it will become “isolated”. Despite the fact that such an argument may be well intentioned, it is nevertheless misguided in that Israel could not conceivably be more isolated than it is at present with full membership of the UN. Right now Israel is a full member with all the responsibilities and obligations that this entails, but without the advantages of mutuality and support that all the other members enjoy. Israel’s voice in the UN has been systematically maligned and rejected and has been to all intents and purposes silenced. How much more “isolated” could Israel possibly be?

Furthermore, these self same responsibilities and obligations which are onerously expected of Israel are being totally ignored by all of the Islamic State members without exception, and are at best only superficially imposed upon all the other member States, with the sole exception of Israel which alone among the UN membership, is expected to, and commanded to, attain some kind of Utopian perfection. Israel does not need this.

Then there is the question of political influence. Some might say that Israel’s withdrawal from the UN would  somehow harm it’s influence in the world, but once again the same arguments apply. The UN’s treatment of Israel has effectively silenced and removed any influence Israel might have had. So the theoretical loss of influence would merely be a case of ” no change there then”.

Now we come to the most complex issue of trade and economics. It is more than likely that the now dominant Islamic lobby in the UN will continue to persuade other member States to execute bans on Israeli produce, as they already have done, but the question is, would these bans become more widespread, serious and effective if Israel leaves the UN ? It is possible, and even probable, that there would be an initial period of serious trade loss, but in the medium to long term there is one important thing which would come to the aid of Israel, and it is this. Capitalist business, be it large or small, cares not one jot for religious or ideological disputes or idiosyncrasies. As far as business is concerned “ a neglected market is a potential market”, and if Israel’s market share began to fall there would be no shortage of Western, and importantly, Eastern business happy to step into the gap provided. As far as Capitalism is concerned profit trumps ideology any time.

Trade bans are another thing which is not new to Israel. The first trade boycott against the Jewish people in Israel was instigated by the Arab League (Who else ?), ironically in 1945 before the re-emerging State of Israel was even founded in 1946. Since then Israel has been plagued by Palestinian and Islamic attempts to cripple Israel’s economy, weakly but annoyingly supported by Western States, especially the European Union and individual EU countries like the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain and others.

destroy israelIn 2005, 171 Palestinian pseudo-NGO’s organised an international movement called BDS ( Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) in yet another attempt to cripple and delegitimise the State of Israel. Ironically, although all these attempts to destroy Israel have had some detrimental effect on Israel’s economy it nevertheless remains not much more than an irritating inconvenience to Israel, and those who are being hurt the most are the people of Palestine. In 2011 it was estimated that 31,000 Palestinians worked in the Israeli settlements and a further 70,000 worked in Israel proper. All depending on Israel for their living. Furthermore, true to the spirit of a truly civilised society, Israel provides medical treatment and supplies to the Palestinians, even to those who have been guilty of terrorist activities against Israel. The pragmatic self interest of Western and Far Eastern capitalism will continue to ensure that Israel will get a viable share of international trade, even if outside of the UN.

Above all else, whether in the UN or out, Israel will always have the support of the United States. While the present madness of the Obama administration might suggest otherwise, Obama’s eight long years of insanity is about to end in a few months time, and contrary to what many think even if Hillary Clinton is to become the next US President, Obama’s reign of progressive Islamism will end. The important thing however, is this, if the UN needs Israel as Judith Bergman says, then the US needs Israel even more. Israel is the US’s “foot in the door” in the Middle East. Without Israel the US’s influence in the Middle East is negligible, and leaves the door wide open to Russia and China, something which is unacceptable to the US.

No negotiations, no debates, no appeals for peace will ever make Islam become “friends” with Israel, because their God, their Prophet and their indoctrinated, brainwashed children will never allow it to happen. As for the Western political leaders and Christian elite, they have long since evolved out of their medieval barbarity and their inquisitions, but the stench of anti-Semitism still lingers beneath the thin veneer of Western civilisation. So let’s face it Israel, you are on your own whether or not you are in or out of the UN, but if you are not in then you are not burdened by the one sided obligations imposed on you by your enemies and your nay-sayers, and you can still win the grudging respect of the West.

It is time for Israel to confront the bully-boys for once and for all. Even the diplomatic threat of pulling out might be enough to get some in the West to give more support to Israel, but if it doesn’t then so what. It will be the Wests loss and Israel’s gain. No nation State and no people can go on indefinitely being treated like an undeserving outcast. Sooner or later ” enough must be enough”, and when the West realise that they no longer influence Israel’s actions it is they who will worry about the future, but then again, it’s too easy for a gentile to say.