Moral Equivalence : The Lie

When we “racist, Islamophobic, bigoted, extreme right wingers” bring up the subject of Western civilisation, we are invariably subjected to sneers and contempt from the followers of the “Religion of Peace”, and let’s be honest about this, it’s of no consequence since it is predictably just what we would expect. Malevolence will always, in line with it’s nature, react to benevolence, humaneness, reformation and altruism with extreme negativity and aggression. It’s the nature of the beast, and if not restrained by the modern cult of political correctness, civilised society and individuals will always triumph over the forces of barbarity.

The real danger to Western civilisation comes not from external terrorism, sabre-rattling or intimidation because civilisation was itself born out of just such an uncivilised barbaric anarchy, and has over many centuries emerged, reformed and developed despite the many external assaults upon it. At this moment in time it is the persistent assaults from within which threatens it more than any other threat.

The liberal leftist progressives, who constitute the enemy within in Western civilised society, bristle with false indignation when anyone suggests that the West is civilised. The progressive psychobabble of moral equivalence is wheeled out at every opportunity as soon as it is suggested that Western civilised society or civilised behaviour exists. So let’s make it ever so simple for those intellectually impaired progressives to understand the difference between civilised behaviour and that of the “religion of Peace” and that of their own utopian dream of a paternalistic benevolent dictatorship.

  • The institutional rape of women and young children is not civilised behaviour.
  • The genital mutilation of females for the sexual gratification of sexually inadequate males is not civilised behaviour.
  • The institutional beating of women by their husbands, and treating women as inferior beings, is not civilised behaviour.
  • Denying women and girls the right to education, is not civilised behaviour.
  • Stoning women to death for adultery, whether real or not, is not civilised behaviour.
  • Lining people up in the sand and hacking their heads off, is not civilised behaviour. 
  • Putting people in cages and setting them on fire, is not civilised behaviour.
  • Throwing Gay people off high buildings to their deaths, is not civilised behaviour.
  • Torturing and crucifying people is not civilised behaviour.
  • Enslaving people is not civilised behaviour.
  • Cutting off peoples limbs is not civilised behaviour.
  • Sentencing people to 1000 lashes is not civilised behaviour.

The appeasement and enabling of all these things, and more, is definitely not civilised behaviour.

Since the progressives never tire of lecturing us on ” Human Rights”, and since they seem to have difficulty in recognising what constitutes civilisation, then let them take a look at the UN “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” which encapsulates a comprehensive list of what constitutes Western Civilisation. While they are at it, perhaps they can let us all know how many of the 30 Articles the ” Religion of Peace” conforms to. The answer is, not a single one. There is no equivalence between Western civilisation and Islam, whether moral or otherwise. One is a nihilistic sadistic death cult and the other is at least an attempt at civilised behaviour. While the West undoubtedly does not always live up to its principles, it at least does have principles, even if the progressives have an intellectual difficulty in recognising them.

So if the progressive politicians, academics, Bishops and mainstream media really and truly believe that the “Religion of Peace” is such a wonderful thing, then why don’t they just bugger off and join them, and leave the rest of us to enjoy a genuine peace.