Sophistry not Ignorance

It is entirely possible to understand why someone who pays no attention to events in the world around himself or herself would be ignorant of the reality of those events. It is perfectly understandable that these people live focused upon the immediate needs of their families and have little or no interest in events which seem to be inconsequential to their everyday lives. Often this attitude is governed not so much by apathy, but by their need to strive against the odds for their own survival in society. Therefore, their disinterest in the wider world should carry no stigma.

However, for those people and institutions who take it upon themselves to be leaders or to pontificate on how countries or the world in general should be run, there is no such exemption from responsibility to comprehend the reality of world events in a truthful manner. Where world events are open and plain to see, a failure to comprehend the truth and a failure to disseminate the truth can only be duplicitous and a fully conscious sophistry. There is absolutely nothing about the events ensuing from the Islamic world which is in the least implicit or difficult to comprehend as a reality.

We have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of witnesses to the barbarity which is being enacted on a daily basis by “The Religion of Peace”. We have a seemingly endless supply of written, photographic and video evidence to draw on, which allows for no ambiguity. Furthermore, we have a continuous chain of hate rhetoric being preached openly and explicitly by Islamic leaders like Sayyed Ali Khamenei in Iran, and from thousands of Imams in mosques throughout the world. It is therefore inconceivable that the Wests leaders and politicians, Church leaders, media, academics or anyone who is to the forefront of world affairs can reasonably claim to be in ignorance of the reality of Islamic terror.

So we can say with an extremely high degree of certainty that, given their consistent denial of Islam’s guilt, they are complicit in a deceitful cover up of the truth. Their silence in the face of openly sadistic barbarism from Islam is not born of naivety, ignorance or apathy: it is a duplicitous, purposeful and malicious silence. To think otherwise would be to believe that they were so bereft of intellectual capacity that evolution had somehow missed them out. It makes for a very fine insult but I’m afraid it isn’t true.

The progressives are fully aware of the dangerous game they are playing, but their arrogant Mindset and Groupthink is such that they think they can enable the opening of an “Islamic Pandora’s Box ” in the belief that ” the end justifies the means”, and that they can just pop the lid back on when they have achieved their nefarious ends. It doesn’t work, and it won’t work that way, and we will all pay for it.

death to americaDoes anyone really imagine for one single moment that President Obama is so dumb that he is unaware of the fact that Khamenei and his henchmen are openly declaring “Death to America” and ” Death to Israel”? Does anyone really imagine that Cameron, Merkel and the European leaders are ignorant of the threat from Islamic immigration to Europe? Of course they aren’t! Already Frau Merkel is discovering that putting the lid back on is not so damned easy, and she is paying the price of letting Turkey join the EU in order to ease the present migration crisis, which she was partly to blame for in the first place, and with no thought for the future when Turkey with a population of 75 million mostly Muslims becomes eligible for free movement of peoples throughout Europe.

What is it that Islam has been telling us all for decades now? Oh yes ! They are going to be the majority in Europe and they intend to take over, but of course we don’t believe them.

“O judgement, thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason”  Shakespeare ( Julius Caesar ).