Deafening Silence

yazidi woman and childWhat the hell is wrong with people today? Some time ago I signed a petition to help save hundreds of Yazidi women and children from rape, torture and execution at the blood-soaked hands of ISIS in Northern Iraq and Syria. This morning I decided to take a look and see how many people had signed the petition. My first reaction was ” Oh good!” because 221,335 people had signed, but then I noticed that another petition to get ” justice” for “Cecil” the lion who was shot by an American dentist had 1,346,086 signatures. Nearly 1.5 million people think that the life of one lion is more important than hundreds of women and children. I wouldn’t have minded if they had also signed to save the Yazidis, but they didn’t. It’s a lion for fuck sake, and it isn’t called “Cecil” because lionesses’ do not give their offspring human names, or didn’t they know that?

Rape, woman torturedtorture, beheading, whipping, stoning women, burning people alive, cutting children in half, cutting off hands, feet, ears, noses, throwing people off high buildings, crucifying people, enslavement, honour killings, female genital mutilation, cutting off a little boys finger-tips before killing him, feeding a woman then telling her that she had just eaten her own child, and on, and on, and on, and nobody gives a shit, but let some idiot shoot a cuddly old lion and all hell breaks loose. 

  Is there some kind of neurological disorder, a mental disease which is infecting people? When you mention the above chain of bestial events, which are very real and happening on a daily basis, the only reaction you get is a shrug of the shoulders, as if none of it meant much, and that is so, so sick. What about the ” feminist movement”? Let some unfortunate construction worker give a wolf-whistle at a passing woman, the feminists are up in arms complaining about sexism, but when thousands of their sisters are being raped and butchered – deafening silence. Then of course we have the Gay community who when a baker refuses to bake a cake celebrating same sex marriage do everything in their power to destroy the mans business, but when Gay men are being regularly thrown off high buildings and cranes to their deaths for being Gay – deafening silence. Who could forget the “Human Rights” activists who when confronted by the fact that the very pillar of their existence the United Nations Human Rights Council ( UNHRC ) is chaired by Saudi Arabia, a country which is in breach of every ” human right” that has ever been drawn up, and who has over time beheaded more people than even ISIS has managed so far, greet this news with a long – deafening silence.

bishopsNext are the leaders of the Christian Churches. The Pope, the Bishops and Archbishops, the priests and the very reverend Ministers. All pious and wallowing in the third Beatitude, Matthew 5:5 – “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Well, right now the only part of earth the meek are inheriting is a few inches of arid, rocky, blood-saturated earth in Northern Iraq, Syria and parts of Africa. These so called Christian leaders loudly proclaim the virtues of a “Religion of Peace” whose values are the complete antithesis of everything that Christianity represents and in doing so they betray every Christian man, woman and child throughout the world. In some strange suicidal death wish they oversee the demise of European Christendom, whilst stocking up on a new supply of pitiful martyrs to feed the gluttonous righteousness of their Holinesses in their comfy holy residences. Their silence is more condemnable than any other.

Then we come to the Jew haters. These are the genuine article, the 24 carat pure gold standard racists. They are to be found in every one of societies uncleansed cracks. They can even be found in Israel and the Jewish diaspora, some of them even being Jewish by birth. Every nation State on Earth has its William Joyce’s ( Lord Haw Haw ), but all this only goes to prove that Israel is a paragon of normality, surrounded by, to the South, the West, the North and just across the Golan Heights a world of abnormality, and in the case of ISIS and its appeasers, a world of bestial cruelty.

bbc biasLast but certainly not least in the list of infamy, comes the Western media ( or most of it ). The media has a very special place in the destabilisation of Western civilisation, since it is they who have deliberately and corruptly lied to and misled the populations of the once democratic free West. It is they who have connived with and entered into a despicable alliance with the leftist progressives and their pathetic ideology of a “One World State”. A warped Utopean nightmare which can only ever exist under the bloody sword of Muhammad, and it will be the editors and reporters who have enabled Islam, who will be the first to feel the edge of the peaceful prophets sword. The media’s deafening silence about Islam’s barbarity will come back to haunt them.

Binjamin Netanyahu’s 44 seconds of silence during his speech to the United Nations wasn’t just a condemnation of the silence of the UN institution, it was a condemnation of each and every Member State of that institution. Silence, lethargy, apathy, or just downright not giving a shit, whatever you want to call it, it is pandemic in Western society today. The people have been deliberately inured into a habitual state of indifference and despondency where they feel that nothing they do or think will make a blind bit of difference. The peoples right to protest has been derogated and conditionalized so that any protest is only paid attention to if it is in line with progressive Mindset, or if it is deemed to be harmless to the progressive establishment elite. So that protest, for example, against uncontrolled immigration or against Islamification, is greeted by the establishment and media with derision and accusations of racism, Islamophobia and every other negative word they can dig up. Whereas, protests about the death of a lion, the hunting of foxes or the culling of badgers is treated like an Earth shattering event, and is given the widest possible coverage in the media, and the progressive elite laugh all the way to the ideology bank.

The long, long list of sadistic, barbaric and Satanic acts of ISIS and Islam is real. It is not a Hollywood horror film which can be turned off or watched to the finish then laughed at. It is reality and it is happening today. It is real and is happening to very real people, real women and children are being raped tortured and slaughtered. Real people are being butchered in a sadistic Islamic abattoir. It is both morally reprehensible and suicidal to just flip channels and watch the football instead. This particular bogeyman isn’t an ethereal spectre of the human imagination. This bogeyman is ever so real and he is coming for all of us, if we don’t wake up.