Labour’s mendacious war on wealth

ed millibandThe Labour Party is the Party of the ” working classes”, or so we are led to believe. The Labour Party selflessly represents the poor in society against the avarice and shameful self interests of Capitalism, and pigs will fly.

Firstly, there is the well worn and spurious assumption once preached by the old, and now largely defunct, socialist Labour Party, and still perpetuated by the new capitalist inspired Labour Party, that somehow the less well off in society, the so called “working class”, is obsessed by a cultural hatred of wealth, and has a curious pride in their own poverty. This is a cruel and politically inspired deception. It has the deliberate and politically motivated intention to propagate a ” them and us” attitude among the people.

The starving mother with the starving child in Sudan or West Africa doesn’t despise wealth, she craves for it for herself and for her child.

tony blairMy Father served his country for five long years in WW2. He came back with little or no skills to speak of, and spent the rest of his working life as a labourer. Truly one of Labour’s “working classes”, but on a Saturday afternoon both he and my Mother would assiduously turn on the television to watch the football results, and check their coupon. Neither of them despised wealth, they craved it.

Go down to your local Superstore anytime, to see the long lines of people waiting to get their weekly Lotto or EuroMillions Lottery tickets, or watch them buying the many millions of scratch cards which are sold every week. The majority of these people, including myself, are from so called “working class” backgrounds. None of us would appear to despise wealth, we crave it.

neil kinnockIt is not wealth that people hate, it is the realisation that many of the countries politicians, bankers, lawyers et al , acquire their wealth through fiddling their expenses, crooked deals or corruption in general. That is what they hate.

Throughout the Labour Parties entire history it has formed its policies on wealth inequality, on the mathematical principle of the ‘ lowest common denominator’. They patronizingly propagate the idea that the poorer people in society will be over the moon with delight if the wealthy are made to be as poor as them rather than attempt to do the sensible thing and make the poor as rich as the wealthy. It is the same insane policy that they try to impose on education. What crass stupidity!

harriet harmanAll three of Britain’s main political Parties are or have been found guilty of corruption, whether it be for fiddling expenses or cash for influence or whatever, but for sheer downright hypocrisy the Labour Party stands head and shoulders above the rest. Milliband and his merry band of cabinet millionaires never tire of berating the Tories for being – you’ve guessed it – millionaires..

A brief list of some of Labours millionaires or at least property millionaires include the following – Ed Milliband ( surprise, surprise), Tony Blair, Neil Kinnock, Harriet Harman, Hilary Benn, Yvette Balls, Ed Balls, Lord Mandelson, Tom Baldwin, Margaret Hodge, Liam Byrne, Shaun Woodward, Alastair Campbell, Emily Thornberry, Michael Meacher, Andy Burnham, this is just some of them, and doesn’t include the many millionaire business men who contribute to Labour Party funds. Some of whom have their money invested in Tax Havens to avoid paying UK taxes, another thing which Milliband and his whiter than white friends are always bitching about. Yet more hypocrisy from Labour. It’s OK to dodge UK taxes as long as you donate to the Labour Party.

ed ballsThe very idea that Labour represents or has any real sympathy for the poor in society is incomprehensible. The callous and cynical way that it deceives the electorate into believing that the Party is composed of fellow suffering working class hero’s, when all the time they are every bit as well- healed as the rest, is politically and ethically corrupt.