The migrant crisis and false compassion

Since Europe and the Western world is now officially embedded in a “Migrant Crisis”, despite the fact that up until a few months ago the liberal leftist progressive elite were fiercely denying that such a “Crisis” even existed or ever would. Now the fateful words ” Migrant Crisis” are echoing around the world almost as loudly and bountiful as President Obama’s Muslim call to prayer. So in the sanctified vocabulary of the progressives it is now ” settled”, we have a “consensus” that there is a “Crisis”, but we must not overlook the equally important progressive moral rectitude that the migrant crisis is also a ” Humanitarian Crisis”.

welcomeTherefore, lets discuss the “Humanitarian Migrant Crisis” purely in terms of progressive groupthink. Forget pragmatism, forget common sense ( whatever that may be), forget Left and Right, forget dogma and ideology, forget Islamic expansionism, let’s just discuss it from a purely humanitarian perspective. Let us take the progressive moral high ground and defend it, if need be, even from the progressives themselves.

If the progressives are correct, and for the sake of this exercise, we’ll assume that they are, the massive numbers of predominantly young immigrants flooding onto Europe’s shores are going to be highly beneficial to European society. Their youthful vigour, their skills and expertise and their wonderful resilience and courage in adversity, as exhibited by the ordeals of their terrible journeys to get to Europe, will enrich European society, culture and economies. Sounds good doesn’t it? Please remember though, this argument is about humanitarianism and altruism.

The trouble with that argument from a purely humanitarian perspective is that it takes no account of the effects it is having and will continue to have on the countries which are being rapidly evacuated. Do the progressives really believe that removing hundreds of thousands of young people from a countries economy and social structure will have little or no detrimental effect on their countries? It should be noted that according to many political pundits, that if the present situation continues we will not be talking in terms of hundreds of thousands, but frighteningly in terms of millions.

carbon creditsWe now know that the overwhelming majority of these mostly young immigrants are from what has been designated developing or undeveloped countries in the African continent, and not, as was previously suggested by the progressive media, from Syria and neighbouring States. What happens then, when a country which is already in a state of poverty, with virtually no manufacturing industry, and an agricultural system ( or indeed no real system) which is being blighted by tropical infestation of crops and often severe drought, loses it’s human assets, it’s young and possible future saviours, who might, just might, someday build a successful State? They stagnate even further than they already have, and the endless cycle of poverty – aid – poverty – aid- poverty continues with no hope for the future. To paraphrase Tacitus’ Calgacus ‘ They create a wilderness, and call it humanitarianism’.

Are we to presume that none of the many thousands of progressive politicians, media, Church leaders, University lecturers and their multitude of followers have the intelligence to work out the harm they have been doing in the name of humanitarianism? Or perhaps it would be more realistic to believe that they were more interested in cheap labour, dramatic stories, pious sainthood or justification for their leftist progressive lectures. Whatever, it sure as hell has nothing to do with concern for the migrants or the countries which are being abandoned.

We can see that arguing the case for the mass exodus of peoples from one continent to another on the basis of humanitarianism just doesn’t work. The progressive moral high ground is nothing but a morass of greed and self interest with a thin veneer of false altruism, and I am only too pleased to climb down from it to rid myself of the stench of hypocrisy.

merkelNow for the real world. Only a matter of days since Angela Merkel invited the entire Islamic world, and its victims into her country, and already the disaster is unfolding before our very eyes. The Christians and Yazidis who are the true victims of this sad story, have had to be separated from the mass of Islamic detritus and hate, who within hours of stepping on German soil have committed rape and assault. German towns and villages near the refugee camps have had to issue warnings to their people not to let their daughters outside without protective company, and to ensure that young girls and women dress modestly lest they be raped or molested., Like Sweden, yet another European country is being held to ransom by a seventh century barbarism. This is what you have done to your country and people Angela, bless your little progressive heart, and there’s no going back. There is no point in locking the proverbial door after the horse has bolted. Children are no longer able to walk the beautiful streets of Germany unaccompanied, or to express themselves freely, and all because you, Angela, wanted to show the world what a caring, loving and welcoming person you are. This is the legacy you have handed down to the German people and children in order to enhance your own little progressive ego. You should resign.

It is not as if we haven’t been warned. The Islamic world has been publically, vocally and explicitly telling us for decades what their intentions are. Yet we meekly and passively smile and go about our business, blissfully believing there is no problem. If we were told by some local nutcases that they intended to break into our house, steal our property and rape our daughters, we would surely phone the police or barricade our doors, but we would do something for Gods sake. We surely wouldn’t just walk around with our heads up our arses hoping it wouldn’t happen, but this it precisely what we are doing regarding the very real and loudly proclaimed threat from Islam.

dresden protestsFrom a purely pragmatic and common sense point of view Britain and Europe as a whole cannot possibly physically accept millions of migrants, no matter what their needs are. Already in Germany people are being put out of their rented homes in order to house migrants. Protesters have been hitting the streets of Dresden and Berlin in their thousands to protest against the take over of their country. Resentment will inevitably rise and their frustration will reach breaking point when they realise that the German politicians and media are deliberately and cynically blacking out any mention of their perfectly legitimate protests. Throughout Europe the needs and wishes of the native population are being trashed and discarded in favour of an ungrateful and hostile alien invader. Something has to give, and it will.

None of the above is the fault of responsible immigration. Immigration is a wonderful thing, it truly does enrich a nation. It introduces new ideas and concepts. It enhances intellectual understanding of the world, and it enriches the gene pool of society, but too much of a good thing can kill you. In order to make immigration work successfully it is essential that it be responsibly controlled and selective.

In Britain and Europe we already have more than enough criminals and rapists of our own without importing more. Certainly, in Britain despite the authorities doing their utmost to conceal the facts, even a cursory look at the ethnic make up of inmates in prison shows an unmistakably high proportion of prisoners are either immigrants or from immigrant backgrounds. Our countries do not belong to the arrogant progressive elite who have commandeered them. Our countries belong to the people and more importantly to our children and grand children. If Angela Merkel wants to experiment with sainthood, let her go to a nunnery. If Barak Hussein Obama thinks Islam is a “Religion of Peace” let him go and seek peace in Syria. I’m quite sure his wife and two lovely daughters will thank him from the bottom of their hearts.

muslim womanIf we do not want to live in a sharia hell where women are institutionally inferior, where blind obedience to a paedophiliac madman and a malicious sadistic God is compulsory on pain of death, then we need to become as Bill Warner suggests, dissidents, and take back the power we gave away to the insane suicidal elites who are at their happiest playing poker with our lives.